Stats and Derived Stats

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Stats and Derived Stats

Information about intermediate stats and base values were mirrored from the Nexus Wiki. Thanks to Warhorse developer Moggabor!

Active Stats

Abbr Example Description
health health+0.125/s Modifies the player's current Health
stamina stamina+0.125/s Modifies the player's current Stamina
exhaust exhaust-100/s Modifies the player's current Exhaustion
hunger hunger+1000/s Modifies the player's current Hunger
karma Modifies the player's current Karma?
alcoholism Modifies the player's current Drunkenness?

Base Stats

Abbr Name Description
agi Agility Modifies the Agility stat
bar Barter Modifies the Barter stat
cou Courage Modifies the Courage stat
hea Hearing Modifies the Hearing stat
prg StoryProgress
rep PlayerReputation
spc Speech Modifies the Speech stat
str Strength Modifies the Strength stat
vis Vision Modifies the Vision stat
vit Vitality Modifies the Vitality stat

Derived Stats

These stats are derived from other stats, states, skills, params, items, or table values. Some derived stats have constant base values. The purpose of these is to be modified by buffs.

Abbr Name Description Base Value
aco ArmorCollisionWeight Modifies the impact weight of armor when colliding with another entity Derived from equipped items
adm AlcoholDigestMod Modifies the rate of alcohol digestion 1
alc Alcoholism 0
alo ArmorLoad test buffs: suppress armor load Derived from EquippedWeight, Strength, Agility, MaxArmorLoad, StrAgiToEqwArmorLoad and ArmorLoadDiffToMax
apa AlcoholPoisoningAntidote 0
apr AttackProtection Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id
arr ArmorRating Modifies the chance to cause enemies to flee clamp(OverallArmorDefense / GoodArmorDefense, 0, 1)
bad Badassness Modifies the Badassness derived stat lerp(Morale, Strength / StatCap, ThreatenStrenghtWeight)
bld Bloodiness Derived from equipped items
ble BleedingTotal Derived from buffs which have a special Bleeding modifier
bma BuyMarginAdjust Modifies the percentage amount of money received in trade 0
bow BodyWeight Derived from soul_archetype.normal_body_weight, SlimCollisionWeightMul and FatCollisionWeightMul
brm BadReputationMod Modifies the influence of negative actions on reputation 1
bso BasketSuspiciencyMod 0
btw BoidThreatWeight Modifies the skittishness of wild animals 1
caf Caffeine 0
cag CombatAggression Derived from Defense, Fencing, SkillCap and CombatAutoAggressionDiffScale
cap InventoryCapacity Modifies the amount of weight that can be carried before becoming encumbered (BaseInventoryCapacity + StrengthToInventoryCapacity * Strength) * soul_archetype.inventory_capacity_multiplier
caw CarriedWeight Derived from inventory
cbi CharismaFromBuffedItems 0
cds ClothDirtyingSpeedKm Modifies the rate at which clothing becomes dirty Derived from surface, FullClothDirtyingOnZeroSpeed and FullClothDirtyingOnFullSpeed
cdw ClinchDamageToWeapon Modifies the percentage damage inflicted on an opponent's weapon durability 0
cha Charisma Modifies the Charisma stat Derived from equipped items, soul.charisma and CharismaFromBuffedItems.
coc Consciousness 1
con Conspicuousness Modifies the hostile search duration of NPCs Derived from equipped items.
cow CollisionWeight Modifies the overall impact of colliding with another entity BodyWeight + ArmorCollisionWeight
dbf DiceBustFixing 0
def Defensiveness Derived from Stamina, CombatAggression, MeanAttackPeriod, CombatAutoScaleDefensivenessDelayRel and CombatAutoAttackDelaySigma
drt Dirtiness Derived from equipped items
dru Drunkenness 0
dtf DiceThrowFixing 0
edm EquipmentUseDamageMultiplier 1
enc Encumberance Derived from surface, RelativeCarriedWeight and EncumberedToSpeedSurfaceCoef
eqw EquippedWeight Derived from equipped items
erq EffectiveReadingQuality ReadingQuality
evi EquipVisib Derived from equipped items
fdm FallDamageMultiplier Modifies the amount of damage received after falling lerp(1, FallDamageMultiplierAtMaxAgility, Agility / StatCap)
fol DistanceFollowing Fencing / SkillCap
fov FieldOfView min(PerceptionMinFov + HearingToFov * Hearing, PerceptionMaxFov)
fpa FoodPoisoningAntidote 0
fsm FootstepSoundMultiplier Modifies the noise produced by walking and running clamp(1 - StealthSkillToFootstepSoundMult * Stealth / SkillCap, 0, 1)
grm GoodReputationMod Modifies the influence of positive actions on reputation 1
hac HaggleAdditionalChances Modifies the number of times a trader will haggle 0
hcm HorseCourageMod Modifies the Courage stat of the mounted horse 1 + HorseRiding * HorseRidingToHorseCourage
hgs HerbGatherStrengthXp Modifies the amount of Strength skill experience gained from herb gathering 0
hko HeadHitKnockOutProbability Modifies the chance of knocking out an opponent with a blow to the head HeadHitKnockOutBaseProbability
hlt Healthiness MaxStamina / MaxHealthyStamina
hml HorseThrowDownMoraleLimit Determines whether the player's horse will throw the player outside of combat HorseMoraleToThrowOffRider
ibi InjuryBleedingInterval InjuryBleedingInterval
iex ItemExpert 0
imm Immortality Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id
jrm JailRecoverySpeedMod Modifies the rate at which the player recovers from jail time 1
lfu LockFailUnlockProb 10% chance of opening locks instantly 0
lio LockInstantOpenDifficulty Modifies the maximum lock difficulty of instantly unlockable locks 0
lpv LightProbeVisibility Calculated from light probe. Value between MinLightProbeVisibility and MaxLightProbeValue.
lsa LockStartAngle Modifies the lockpick's proximity to the end of the lockpicking minigame 0
lvl MainLevel Modifies the player's Main Level Derived from Strength, Agility, Vitality, Speech and StoryProgress
map MeanAttackPeriod Derived from Stamina, Fencing, CombatAggression and CombatAutoMaxAttackDelay
mcf MoraleContextFadingMod Derived from Courage, StatCap and MaxCourageMoraleContextFadingMod
mhs MaxHealthyStamina soul_archetype.base_stamina + soul_archetype.relative_vitality_to_stamina * Vitality / StatCap
mor Morale See below for base value formula.
mst MaxStamina Modifies the maximum amount of the Stamina stat Derived from MaxHealthyStamina and Health
mut Mute 1 if soul is Unconscious or Dead, 0 otherwise
nbi NoiseFromBuffedItems 0
noi Noise Modifies the Noise derived stat Derived from equipped items and NoiseFromBuffedItems
nrs NormalizedRunSpeed Derived from movement
oad OverallArmorDefense Derived from equipped items
ore Overreadness 0
osl Oversleepness 0
owa OverallWeaponAttack Derived from equipped items
owl Owl Whether you can see in the dark 0
pbm CraftedPotionsBuyMarginAdjust Modifies the percentage amount of money received in trade for crafted potions 0
pds PicklockDmgSpeed Modifies the rate at which lockpicks are damaged PicklockDmgSpeed
pla PlatingRatio Derived from equipped items
poi Poisoning You've been poisoned 0
pos PocketSight reveals some number of items while pickpocketing 0
ppr PickpocketProtection Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id
prb PerceptionPriorityBoost 0
prc PicklockReturnChance Modifies the percentage chance of repairing a broken lockpick 0
pt1 PerfectThrowMultiplier1 1
pt5 PerfectThrowMultiplier5 1
ran RobbedAngriness 0
rch RelativeCharisma Charisma / StatCap
rcw RelativeCarriedWeight CarriedWeight / InventoryCapacity
rdq ReadingQuality It doesn't matter to you where you read, you get a learning bonus anywhere you read DefaultReadingQuality
rml RandomMoneyLoot 0
rms RealMoveSpeedMod 1
rsa RelativeMovementSpeedAddition lerp(-MaxAgilityToMovementSpeedAddition, MaxAgilityToMovementSpeedAddition, Agility / StatCap)
sdt StaminaDerivation Derived from Vitality, MaxHealthyStamina, ArmorLoad, Stamina, HorseRiding, and many others.
sha BowSelfHarmAttack 0
sle Sleeping 0
sma SellMarginAdjust Modifies the percentage amount of money given in trade 0
src StaminaRegenCooldown Used in injured_head buff effect StamRegenCooldown
sur Surrendering 0 - opponent is not surrendering, 1 - opponent is surrendering 0
ufo UnconsciousnessFadeoutSpeed infinite_unconsciousness buff UnconsciousDepthFadeoutSpeedBase + VitalityToUnconsciousDepthFadeoutSpeed * Vitality / StatCap
upr UnconsciousnessProtection 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled Derived from soul.soul_vip_class_id
vib Visibility Adjusts visibility EquipVisib + MovementVisibilityPenalization + LightProbeVisibility
vir ViewRadius min(MinViewRadius + VisionToViewRadius * TimeOfDayCoef * (Vision - 1), MaxViewRadius)
was RangedWeaponAimSpread Ranged weapon accuracy AimSpreadMax * (1 - WeaponBow * AimSpreadSkillDecrease)
wbc WeaponBuffCharges Adjusts the number of poison charges applied to a weapon lerp(MinWeaponBuffCharge, MaxWeaponBuffCharge, random)
wud WeaponUsageDamageMod lerp(1, MaxFencingWeaponUsageMod, Fencing / SkillCap)
xpm XPMultiplier Modifies the amount of experience gained soul.xp_multiplier

Morale Base Value

The base value formula is quite long, so I've placed the formula here:

clamp(((Courage / StatCap) * SoulCourageMoraleWeight + clamp(soul_class.soul_class_courage, 0, 1) * ClassCourageMoraleWeight + ArmorRating * OverallArmorDefenseMoraleWeight + clamp(OverallWeaponAttack / GoodWeaponAttack, 0, 1) * OverallWeaponAttackMoraleWeight) 
                / (SoulCourageMoraleWeight + ClassCourageMoraleWeight + OverallArmorDefenseMoraleWeight + OverallWeaponAttackMoraleWeight) * (HealthToMoraleMinCoef + (1 - HealthToMoraleMinCoef) * (Health / HealthFull) ), 0, 1)

Intermediate Stats

These are exposed intermediate results from various RPG equations, which can be modified by buffs.

Abbr Name Example Description
act MovementActivity
ade ArmorDefense ade*0.9 Defence
ahm AttackFromHorseMod ahm*1.15 Modifies the amount of attack damage while mounted
ain AttackInjury ain×1.3 Modifies the chance to cause bleeding
asp AttackSpeed01 asp*0.75 Used in arm injury buff effect
cli ClinchAdvantage cli+0.4 Modifies the chance to overpower an opponent in a clinch
cos ComboSlot01 cos=0 Used in limited_combat buff
dee DamageToEnemyEquipment dee+0.15 Damage to armor
dig DigestionSpeed dig*0 Hunger?
dsl DodgeSlot dsl*1.5 Modifies the difficulty of dodging in combat
eep RandomEventEscapeProbability eep*1.1 Evasion Chance
exh ExhaustionSpeed exh*0 Rate at which you're exhausted
fae FirstAidEfficiency fae*2 Bandage effectiveness
hlh HealthLossHit hlh*0.5 Amount of health lost when hit, always used with slh
lcs LockCursorShake lcs=0 perk_steady_hand buff - nonexistent perk
lpb LockpickingLockpickBreakChance lpb*0.1 Adjusts the chance to break lockpicks
lpd LockpickingDifficulty lpd*0.5 Adjusts the difficulty rating of locks
lpn LockpickingNoiseMultiplier lpn*1.3 Modifies the amount of noise produced by lockpicking
ors ObserverRecognitionSpeed ors=-1 With Cpp:VersusDog, whether dogs bark at you. As a constant, whether souls react to you?
osb OpponentStaminaLossBlocking osb*1.15 Opponent's stamina cost of attacking while you're blocking
pac WeaponPoisonApplyChance pac*1.5 Chance to poison on attack
pbs PerfectBlockSlot01 pbs*2
pdp PullDownProbability pdp*1.15 Chance to remain in saddle when opponents attempts to unhorse you
rst RelativeStaminaMax rst < 0.6 Used in the overeating buff effect
rtm RiderThreatsToHorseMorale rtm*0.5 Chance for horse to shy at nearby foes
sco StaminaConsumption sco=0 Used in god_mode buff effect
skp StealthKillProbability skp=0 0 - stealth kill fail, 1 - stealth kill success
slh StaminaLossHit slh*0.5 Amount of stamina to lose when attacked
sls StaminaLossBlockingShield sls*0.7 Stamina cost of blocking with a shield
sra StaminaRegenAttack sra*1.5 Stamina regeneration rate while attacking
srb StaminaRegenBlock Stamina regeneration rate while blocking
srg StaminaRegen srg*1.5 Modifies the rate at which stamina regenerates
wac WeaponAttackCost wac*0.7 Weapon attack stamina cost
wat WeaponAttack wat*1.2 Weapon attack damage

Skill Stats

Abbr Internal Name Description Comments
stealth Stealth Modifies the player's Stealth skill level
horse_riding HorseRiding Modifies the player's Horsemanship skill level
fencing Fencing Modifies the player's Warfare skill level
bard Bard Modifies the player's Bard skill level Not implemented
lockpicking Lockpicking Modifies the player's Lockpicking skill level
pickpocketing Pickpocketing Modifies the player's Pickpocketing skill level
alchemy Alchemy Modifies the player's Alchemy skill level
cooking Cooking Modifies the player's Cooking skill level Not implemented
repairing Repairing Modifies the player's Maintenance skill level
smithing Smithing Modifies the player's Smithing skill level Not implemented
fishing Fishing Modifies the player's Fishing skill level Not implemented
mining Mining Modifies the player's Mining skill level Not implemented
first_aid FirstAid Modifies the player's First Aid skill level Not implemented
drinking Drinking Modifies the player's Drinking skill level
hunter Hunter Modifies the player's Hunting skill level
defense Defense Modifies the player's Defence skill level
weapon_sword WeaponSword Modifies the player's Swords skill level
weapon_axe WeaponAxe Modifies the player's Axes skill level
weapon_bow WeaponBow Modifies the player's Bows skill level
weapon_crossbow WeaponCrossbow Modifies the player's Crossbows skill level Not implemented
weapon_shield WeaponShield Modifies the player's Shields skill level
weapon_mace WeaponMace Modifies the player's Maces skill level
weapon_dagger WeaponDagger Modifies the player's Daggers skill level Not implemented
weapon_large WeaponLarge Modifies the player's Polearms skill level Not implemented
weapon_unarmed WeaponUnarmed Modifies the player's Unarmed skill level
herbalism Herbalism Modifies the player's Herbalism skill level
reading Reading Modifies the player's Reading skill level
tailoring Tailoring Modifies the player's Tailoring skill level
armourer Armourer Modifies the player's Armourer skill level Not implemented
weaponsmithing WeaponSmithing Modifies the player's Weaponsmithing skill level Not implemented
shoemaking Shoemaking Modifies the player's Shoemaking skill level Not implemented

Limit Stats

Abbr Description
LimitRun Used without expression
LimitSprint Used without expression

Other Stats

Note: Some of this data probably doesn't belong on this page.

Name Description

Unknown Stats

Abbr Internal Name Example Description
--- Stat_Last
--- DerivStat_Last