TBL File Format

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TBL File Format

This information was mirrored from the Nexus Wiki, contributed by Bodowens86, with some additions.

Top-Level File Format

Offset Name Type
0 Header Header
28 Row Data Type depends on table structure, count is Line Count in Header
28 + line size * line count String Data

Line size can be calculated as (file size - header size - string data size) / line count.

Header Format

Offset Name Type
0 File Format Version int32
4 Descriptors Hash uint32
8 Layout Hash uint32
12 Table Version int32
16 Line Count int32
20 String Data Size int32
24 Unique String Count int32

Descriptors and Layout Hashes

Generating new hashes is unnecessary because new XML files cannot be added without modifying the game binaries.

These hashes are not dynamically generated based on the table content; they are hardcoded.

Hash Algorithm Initial Value
Descriptors Hash 32-bit FNV-1a 0x811c9dc5
Layout Hash 32-bit FNV-1a 0x811c9dc5

Additional hash information and pseudocode provided by moggabor and Bodowens86.

Hash Generation Pseudocode

This pseudocode describes how the descriptors and layout hashes are generated.

descriptorsHash = 0x811c9dc5
layoutHash = 0x811c9dc5
explicitPaddingSize = 0
maxColumnAlignment = 1
lineSize = 0

for column in columns:
    descriptorsHash = crc32(column.name, descriptorsHash)
    descriptorsHash = crc32(column.typeID, descriptorsHash)
    layoutHash = crc32(column.offset, layoutHash)

    if columnDataType == Padding:
        explicitPaddingSize += column.size

    nextOffset = column.offset + column.size
    if lineSize < nextOffset:
        lineSize = nextOffset

    if maxColumnAlignment < column.alignment:
        maxColumnAlignment = column.alignment

lineSize += explicitPaddingSize

if lineSize % maxColumnAlignment:
    lineSize = maxColumnAlignment * ((lineSize + maxColumnAlignment - 1) / maxColumnAlignment)

layoutHash = crc32(lineSize, layoutHash)

Data Types

Type ID Name Bit Width Width in Bytes XML Type Name
-1 InvalidType
0 Int 32 bit 4 bytes integer
1 Int64 64 bit 8 bytes bigint
2 Float 32 bit 4 bytes real
3 Guid 128 bit 16 bytes uuid
4 Bool 8 bit 1 byte boolean
5 String 32 bit 4 bytes text, character varying
6 Vec3 96 bit (3 * 32 bit) 12 bytes vec3
7 Quat 128 bit (4 * 32 bit) 16 bytes quat
8 QuatT 224 bit ((4 + 3) * 32 bit) 28 bytes quatt
9 Padding variable

Type IDs provided by moggabor.


  • Strings are stored as 32-bit signed integers pointing into the string table.
  • Most tables do not use any padding. Whether table uses or doesn't use padding is hard-coded in KCD source. KCD data can only tell you that there is some padding somewhere, but not where. To see whether table uses padding, compare table description in XML file with line size in TBL file.
  • Padding is not a true data type and relates to the memory layout in C++.