Using a single letter to name your variables

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Using a single letter to name your variables


Sometimes programmers will use single letters to name variables. This produces unreadable and hard-to-maintain code.

GlobalVariable Property c Auto Const

Float Function gbsw(Float a)
    Float b = gbs()
    If b > 100
        b = 100
    Return ((c.Value * b) / 100) * a

Best practice

The compiler does not care if you call a variable a or abracadabra. Variables should be named to help the programmer.

GlobalVariable Property BestSkillContribMax Auto Const

Float Function GetBestSkillWeight(Float afSkillPenalty)
    Float fBestSkill = GetBestSkill()
    If fBestSkill > 100
        fBestSkill = 100
    Return ((BestSkillContribMax.Value * fBestSkill) / 100) * afSkillPenalty