Master of Disguise

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Master of Disguise

Version History

Version 1.2

  • Fixed the issue preventing the detection system from working
  • Disabled debug logging because some people still believe the Papyrus log helps solve crashes
  • Cleaned up unused code



Useful Console Commands

Command Default Value Description
set iDubhScriptDebugDisguise to [0, 1] 0 Toggles disguise system logging
set iDubhScriptDebugEnemy to [0, 1] 0 Toggles faction enemy system logging
set iDubhScriptDebugMonitor to [0, 1] 0 Toggles detection system logging
set iDubhAlwaysSucceedDremora to [0, 1] 1 Toggles whether Daedric disguises always succeed vs. Dremora
set iDubhAlwaysSucceedWerewolves to [0, 1] 1 Toggles whether the Savior's Hide always succeeds vs. Werewolves
AddFormToFormlist xxFF0320 xx027AA9 Disables bandit disguises (xx is the load order of Master of Disguise in hex)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the logs?

You have to enable Papyrus logging in Skyrim.ini before you enable disguise/faction/detection system logging.


Papyrus logs are stored at:

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script\Papyrus.0.log

Disable Papyrus logging after retrieving the necessary information. The Papyrus logger CANNOT help you solve crashes, which are not caused by scripts, and may, in fact, cause instability and other performance issues. Only enable the Papyrus logger when you need to debug scripts.

Where can I post my Papyrus log?

Use Hastebin, Pastebin, or GitHub Gists to post your log.

Do NOT post your log in the comments or your post will be deleted.

How do formlists work? I want to add items to disguises.

The non-SKSE version of Master of Disguise uses 1 disguise formlist, 1 disguise slots formlist, and 8 formlists for each disguise slot. For example:

Form List Description
dubhDisguiseVampires Contains all items in the slot formlists
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slots Contains all slot formlists
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_0_Hair Contains only items that are equipped in the Hair slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_1_Body Contains only items that are equipped in the Body slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_2_Hands Contains only items that are equipped in the Hands slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_3_Amulet Contains only items that are equipped in the Amulet slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_4_Ring Contains only items that are equipped in the Ring slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_5_Feet Contains only items that are equipped in the Feet slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_6_Shield Contains only items that are equipped in the Shield slot
dubhDisguiseVampires_Slot_7_Circlet Contains only items that are equipped in the Circlet slot

You can check which slots in which an item equips by looking at the item's Biped Body Template first-person flags. For example, the Vampire Hood equips in the Hair and Circlet slots, so the Vampire Hood appears in the respective formlists.

In the SKSE version for classic Skyrim, there's only a single formlist for each disguise, which doesn't really require any explanation.