<!-- TITLE: Kingdom Come --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Kingdom Come: Deliverance --> If you want to see more resources like this: [![https://www.patreon.com/fireundubh](https://i.imgur.com/llPEyru.png)](https://www.patreon.com/fireundubh) # Home Welcome to the *Kingdom Come: Deliverance* wiki at **#playwithfire**. This wiki was created to provide modders with potentially useful technical information. ## Documentation ### Data Section | Description :--- | :--- [Buff Implementations](kingdomcome/buffs) | A complete table of buff implementations [Known Formulas](kingdomcome/formulas) | A table of known formulas for RPG mechanics [Perks and Effects](kingdomcome/perks) | A complete table of perks and their buff effects [RPG Parameters](kingdomcome/rpg-parameters) | A complete table of RPG parameters, default values, and their descriptions [Social Classes](kingdomcome/social-classes) | A complete table of Highborn and Lowborn souls with faction and location names [Soul Abilities](kingdomcome/soul-abilities) | A complete table of soul abilities [Stats and Derived Stats](kingdomcome/stats) | Full and abbreviated stat and derived stat name mappings ### Scripting Section | Description :--- | :--- [Lua Classes](kingdomcome/classes) | Lua-exposed C++ classes [Lua Functions](kingdomcome/functions) | Lua-implemented functions in every script ### Technical Section | Description :--- | :--- [TBL Files](kingdomcome/tbl-files) | TBL file details [TBL File Format](kingdomcome/tbl-file-format) | TBL file format specification ### Miscellaneous - Table: [1.4 Changed Files](https://gist.github.com/fireundubh/fdc526f7941c87707ecd21febe55dc6a) - Table: [1.4.1 Changed Files](https://gist.github.com/fireundubh/148a840352cada34d49e7c4f3e2013f2) - Table: [1.4.2 Changed Files](https://gist.github.com/fireundubh/9b5f78f0667f76c195925958e6ac858f) ## Gameplay Section | Description :--- | :--- [Consumables](kingdomcome/consumables) | A database of all consumables, including locations [Equipment](kingdomcome/equipment) | A database of all equipment, including locations [Herbs](kingdomcome/herbs) | A table of all herbs, including used recipes and locations [Misc. Items](kingdomcome/misc-items) | A table of all miscellaneous items, including locations [Quests](kingdomcome/quests) | A database of all quests, including flowgraphs (i.e., objectives) [Recipes](kingdomcome/recipes) | A table of all recipes, including locations [Best Equipment](kingdomcome/best-equipment) | A database of best-in-slot armor and weapons, including locations ## Tools Name | Developer | Description :--- | :--- | :--- [Modsmith](https://github.com/fireundubh/modsmith) | fireundubh | Automated framework for building and packaging mods [Steam Console](kingdomcome/steam-console) | | Guide: Using Steam to download previous versions