General Purpose

Name Hotkey Has GUI Purpose
Search Elements by Path Ctrl+F Yes Allows you to search in elements by path and returns a list of results
Search Elements by Group Ctrl+G Yes Allows you to search in elements by specified group and returns a list of results
StringOps Ctrl+R Yes Allows you to perform these operations on elements in the selected records:
  • Find and Replace
  • Add Prefix
  • Add Suffix
  • Change to Proper/Title Case
  • Change to Sentence Case
Other features:
  • Easy to use GUI that supports nonstandard DPIs
  • Automatically saves and restores settings
  • Automatically replaces tab and newline tokens with their respective characters (#9 -> \t, #10 -> \r, #13 -> \n)
  • Automatically lowercases articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions
  • Element signatures (e.g., EDID, FULL)
  • Element names (e.g., Sounds, FormIDs)
  • Element paths (e.g., Sounds\Sound Files\ANAM)
  • Element paths with array tokens (e.g., Sounds\[*]\ANAM)
  • Indexed element paths (e.g., Sounds\[0]\ANAM)
  • Indexed element paths with array tokens (e.g., VMAD\Scripts\[*]\Script\[0])